Change is inevitable in our life.  A the child is meant to grow to an adult, this is how everyone grows.  During all this time, changes take place in our body. Full stature is attained in our body by structures increasing in size and length.  We must also pass through three stages of life, infant stage, adolescent stage, and adult stage. It has also been known for our environment to change with time. Expect living things like trees and animals to change with time. For instance, we have new vegetation growing to indicate a change. It is obvious for animals to die while others are born. All this entails change and it is inevitable.


Digital transformation strategy is a known fact when we talk about change. What is digital transformation.  It is the change accompanied by the application of new technology in all fields of life. This has known to go hand in hand with technological innovations.


These innovations have been seen in all areas of life. Many sectors have advanced much due to technology. These sectors have helped much in our life. Much success has been seen in agricultural sector. Technology has made it possible to produce high quality and quantity food products.  This has been on the side of plants and animals.  Genetically modified plants and animals have been produced.  High quality and quantity products have been known to be produced by genetically modified plants and animals.


For example cows of the quality breed have been produced.  These cows have more milk than the other cow.  It has been imminent the for the health sector to advance with time.  Technology has led to production of new machines in health sector. Modernized machines in the health sector has enhanced the production of accurate results.  This has helped in giving proper medical treatments to the patient. Liver function test machine is an example of such a new machine in the health sector. Other methods of treatments have also been devised.  For instance, the use of virtual reality to suppress depression in patients.



Business sector has not been left out. Marketing of products and services is now possible via online. It is obvious for customers to get information on products and services in the created website. This has resulted to businessmen selling their products and services widely. Industrial the sector has made much progress. This has been imminent in the IT sector. It is now possible to communicate to somebody by use of different methods.  Examples of such communication channels are text messages, video, emails, and direct call. Computers have been produced that have replaced human labor. Know what digital transformation means for business here!