Digital transformation is about changing aspects of your business from an old business into a more efficient digital model. 


Digital transformation allows you to convert traditional sales and marketing methods from phone calls, fliers, mailings, and others into the digital world. Traditional methods aren't working as effectively compared to other more advanced techniques. This is because e-commerce have becoming more and more popular. 


Instead of going to a shop, people would rather do their shopping online. Some people would go to a store to see how a product is in real life and then go online to search for the best price.


Digital transformation also applies to the service industry. Customers are going to websites that advertise specific services. Because these websites have customer reviews apart from information, clients would find the sites really helpful.


When it comes to the online world, customer reviews are very important for a reputation of a company. Through the use of these websites that advertise companies, your company can now project a certain image through the customer's voice and reviews.


Having an online presence is not enough nowadays. Just because you have a website and social media pages, it doesn't mean that is enough. There are businesses that don't have the right amount of information up on their site and don't use social media to form relationships with their clients. There are even times when a customer would need to go back to telephone or email in order to get in touch with the companies. 


It is important that your online presence will not only be for marketing purposes, but also for sales and marketing reasons. It is important that customer data be tracked over time so that relationships will be improved. By having this important data, you can urge your clients to convert and in the end, become loyal customers.


Because of the technology of today, this is a possible thing to achieve. You can usually see what ads you get once you start going to a few business sites.


Marketing data can be taken by companies just by you visiting a certain website. Tracking pixels are some technology that you can use to trace a website visitor as they visit your website. Ads can now be pushed to your clients, as well as other sites. You can read the information once the customer will go back to the website.



The importance of digital transformation cannot be underestimated. More and more people are buying online and there are developing sales and marketing tactics available. This also means that old tactics won't work for long. Once you have the right knowledge, you can start to apply the necessary changes. Digital transformation can not only help you get an advantage over competitors, but it can also help you develop your business. Know what is digital transformation here!